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Libereaux is an educational consultancy agency, specialized in validation and acknowledgement of (work)experience; in particular, for employees and job seekers. In the Netherlands we are the market leader in VNFIL/VPL in the Government domain. The theme of our services is the use of a personal e-Portfolio as the basis for personalized learning and development.

Human Capital and Human Resource get a new approach based on the vision of personalized learning and development. Before, initiatives concerning HR / HRD emaneted from an organization’s interest; today, the employee or job seeker is asked to take their own responsibility and initiative. The challenge herby lies in the constant changing work- and education context. Our e-Portfolio approach ensures that employees are able to take charge of this by themselves.

Together with our professionals, we look at the knowledge and skills people have and validate these assets through VNFIL (validation of non-formal and informal learning, such as validation of prior learning and our unique Experience Profile. By using prospective job or education profiles, the process also provides insights into the organization’s interests which then can be communicated to stakeholders within the organization. This provides efficiency for people and organizations.

In particular, VNFIL is an innovative and valid way to best portray the broad expertise of someone. It is often more valuable than VPL.

Not only lifelong learning, but also development is our mission.

It is not just about knowledge, it is about attitude, behaviour and experience as well. This addition to the well-known LLL - principle has a future. Through technological developments, further digitization of work environments, the increased accessibility of knowledge, there will be a need for a different kind of employee. The role the employee has within the organization will be his of hers added value, which is more important than a certificate. The dominance of a diploma will disappear when assessing whether a person is suitable for the job will become common practice.

Libereaux plays a leading role in using this vision and approach, in the Netherlands as well as in Europe. At this moment, Libereaux participates in a diverse range of European projects, suchs as Peer Review / VNFIL and a more current challenge concerning regufees (make visible and value refugee skills).

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